Coals opened in 2004 as the Bronx’s first and only grilled pizza restaurant. Our unique specialties quickly earned the attention of local foodies and media critics. In the neighborhood, Coals became a second home to nearby hospital staff and medical students. Each evening, you can walk in to delicious scents of fresh ingredients or discuss the newest beer on tap with our knowledgeable, down to earth staff. In 2012 we decided it was time to expand to the burgeoning food mecca that is Port Chester. We look forward to once again creating a neighborhood oasis where the surroundings are as inviting as the food.

While the atmosphere at Coals is intentionally welcoming and comfortable, there is no sense of relaxation when it comes to our staunch commitment to bringing diners a reasonably priced menu filled with sophisticated flavors. We hope you join us and experience the wonderful things that can happen when dough meets grill.